Most people call me “Charlie”. I have a question, what can God do with someone who spent a portion of their life running from and denying that He even exsist? Or what can God do with someone who is an Addict/Alcoholic whose life style is so destructive that they lose everything and find thierself homeless and on the streets? Well, for me he saved me, and called me to preach, and led me to “Charity Baptist Church” where he allows me to Pastor this congregation of believers.

Let me explain. When I was 13 my world kind of collapsed, something I believed to be true, turned out to be false, and as a result I started to doubt a lot of things, including God’s love for me. This is when I turned from everything, and everyone, and started my 13 year exodus into insanity and depravety. In this time frame I walked as far away from God as I could to the point of vehement denial of God’s very exsistance. I worshipped the world, and sought through Budhism and Wicca to control my own destiny. I went from smoking marijauna to shooting up crystal meth. I went from a loving home to being homeless in the streets of Long Beach and Santa Ana, CA. And when I came to the end of myself, and there was nowhere, or no one else, to turn to there was God.

God who didn’t love me because I was perfect, but loved me just because He wanted to love me. Who for this love laid the burden of my sins on his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who gladly bore the wrath of God for my sins, so that I could be restored to God. Jesus Christ, the son of God, God in human form, who was proven 3 days later by his ressurection, and who ascended bodily into Heaven, and sits on the right hand of the Father, making intercession for all of us who believe.

To this day I can never thank or praise him enough for all He has done for me, and I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do for Him. So what can God do with broken people? Amazing things, even taking them out of the streets, and putting them into a pulpit so that they can share God’s amazing love with a lost and dying world. What an honor, and privelege it is to be called a child of God, and to serve God here at “Charity Baptist Church”!

In His Service,

Pastor Charlie