Hello, and as you probably figured out, my name is Charlie. There is nothing all that special about me. I serve an amazing God though, and He is the whole reason that I’m doing this blog, and everything else I do. A little about me first, I am the Pastor of a small church in Belews Creek, NC called Charity Baptist Church. I’ve been the Pastor here for over 12 years, and thank God for allowing me to do so. I’m a bivocational Pastor as well which means I work a full time position outside of the church which allows me to serve this congregation without the need of the church providing me a salary. I hope that this blog is useful to you and helps you either come to love God, or helps you to grow in your faith. I want to thank you for taking your time to read this blog, and hope that you will continue to visit this blog as often as you like. To God be the Glory, Pastor Charles Kahn about.me/charleskahn