Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Today I’d like to start something. I’ve always wanted to study through the Bible, verse by verse, line by line, and precept by precept, and I would like to start now. I hope you join me in this study, and please feel free to collaborate as you feel the desire. So let’s get started.

Since this is the first verse in the Bible (I’ll be using the King James Version of the scriptures for this study) it seems to be the best place to start.

“In the beginning God created”, this is in my opinion the place where all people should establish their beliefs. The question  is a simply one, did God create, with a purpose and plan, or our we just the victims of time and chance? How you answer the question reveals who you are. I believe that with the evidence we have in just the natural world around us that God has given us enough to believe that He does exist. Our ecosystems are to finely tuned to believe that there could have been anything left to chance. We live in an enviroment that is “designed” for our unique needs for the sustaining of our lives, and if this is the case then there must be a designer. The ramifications of this belief is that I have a responsibility to this designer. As we progress through this study we will become more aware of those responsibilities, but, right now I think we need to further examine this verse before moving on.

What did God create in the beginning? “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth”. I believe when Moses conveyed these words, he was relaying to us what God revealed to him during the numerous time they spoke. We know that the Bible tells us that God spoke to Moses face to face, often in the doorway to the tabernacle the Isrealites built in the wilderness.

When this verse tells us that God created the Heaven and Earth, I believe that it’s telling us that God created all that we needed to be able to exist, i.e. the heaven mentioned here is the atmosphere that we move through not God’s throne room. As we progress through the rest of this chapter we’ll find that the creation of human life was the last thing God created, and when we get there we’ll talk more about the reasons why God created in the way that He did.

Prior to this verse, in God’s grand design nothing existed, and maybe contrary to our own beliefs, God did not have to create us! We add nothing to the glory of God, and He does not need us. Having said that isn’t it wonderful that God wanted to create us. I think it is , and am always amazed that even now he seeks to bring us into communion with Himself, in other words He doesn’t need us, He wants us, hence the reason for His creative process in the beginning.


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